Upcoming OPTU Outings

APRIL 21 st : one day trip to rose canyon lake
MAY 18 th  to 20 th : 3 day/night fun trip to Pinetop, Arizona – Hon Dah casino (fishing package)
JUNE 23 rd  to 25 th : 3 day/night family outing to Winn Camp Ground,
White Mountains, Arizona
JULY 30 th  to Aug 6 th : 6 day trip – retirees trip to Durango, Colorado
30 th  – AUG 4 TH
AUGUST 24 th  to 26 th : 3 day outing to Payson, Arizona
If you’re interested in attending an outing, send me an e mail and I will send you the agenda.
One day outings are open to relatives, friends, etc
Multi day outings are for chapter (OPTU) members only
Dennis Jennings
Jennings2@comcast.net  520-307-3308