President’s message March Newsletter

Greetings Fellow OPTU Members
OPTU sponsored a trip to Lee’s Ferry in
February. Ten of our members went to the ferry and fished with guides from Lee’s Ferry Anglers for two days. The rainbow trout were in full spawning colors and we even caught a few browns. I plan to do another of these next spring. It will be announced at one of the monthly meetings.
We have had an interest in the streams of Mt Graham for quite some time.
The Frye Fire and subsequent floods seriously damaged these streams. Therefore, we are currently coordinating with the US Forest service, Arizona Game and Fish, the University of Arizona and the Agricultural Research Service, Southwest Watershed Research Center to establish a long term monitoring plan for some of the streams on Mt Graham. It is important that OPTU remain engaged in and if necessary lead this effort.
The big news this month is the upcoming OPTU banquet. Please check out the article below for the details and an opportunity to buy some of the auction items ahead of time at the buy now site. Tickets are available for purchase at the buy now site.
Semper Gumby (Always Flexible)
Robin Marsett